Food To Boost Your Libido

You look back at all the nights that you spent in bed with your significant other and you soon realise that it had been a bit boring lately. Not only that, but with the stress and pressure from work as well as your social life, you cannot help but feel that your sex drive has […]


Can Food Really Improve Your Sex Life?

There are some foods that are touted to be natural libido boosters. But, is there scientific evidence to back up this claim? In today’s article, I will go over what we know so far so that we can find the answer to the question: Can food really improve one’s sex life? Can Dark Chocolate Make […]

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Men’s Guide About Heart Attack

Our muscle in our heart needs oxygen to continue working. It gets oxygen in the blood, pumped through the arteries to the heart. If arteries are blocked, a heart attack occurs which prevents oxygen from reaching parts of the heart. The artery spasm caused by smoking or taking drugs may also disrupt the blood flow […]

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5 Reasons Why Men Should Learn Yoga

Long time and extreme effort doing yoga may not be considered by most men. But once a man knows that yoga boosts strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health, just to name a few, he will possibly expect the next yoga class before the end of the current one. points out that regular practice in yoga […]