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What Are the Cool Things You Can Do in Kuala Lumpur?

You can safely say that Kuala Lumpur is a magical city because, despite its steady growth and development, the local government still ensures to preserve their old tourist attractions, mainly its forests reserves and natural parks. A lot of people from all over the world frequently visit the city to sample some of the finest […]


Tips to Win at Craps

Play Craps Online Playing craps in a physical casino can be, to understate the obvious, an upsetting experience. Playing craps in a Thailand online casino games is actually the inverse. At the point when you play craps on the web, you can sit in your most agreeable seat, play craps at your very own pace, […]

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Top 6 Tips for Online Sic Bo Players

1. Don’t bet on a triple. If you happened to bet on a triple and won, that means you have correctly predicted that one number which came up on all 3 dice. This happens rarely. A triple bet in Sic bo is worth 180:1, and is the riskiest bet any player can make. Many seasoned […]

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Choosing the Perfect Watch For Your Style

How to Choose Your Watch When buying a watch is always be your personal decision. There are so many watch brands, styles and price ranges, it can be more confusing to know where to start choosing your watch “soon to be” yours.. By any chance, are you looking for a casual watch for men in […]

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Web Host Checklist: The Things You Need to Know Upfront

1. Your monthly hosting budget There is no need to plan it until the very last dollar, but you must have a ballpark idea on the amount you are willing to spend. If you have a flexible budget, you can choose a web hosting plan with additional perks. There are tons of web hosting companies […]

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Web Hosting 101: Selecting a Commercial Hosting Provider

1. Price Price is an important factor in choosing a web host, most especially if you are operating on a tight budget. Remember, in the world of web hosting, you always get what you pay for. Settling for an affordable and reliable hosting plan is always better compared to free hosting. Read web hosting companies […]

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Why Should You Start a Professional Blog

Do you want to get money from blogging in Malaysia? If you are already running your own business, making a new blog can help you maximize your promotion strategies. With the help of longtail keywords and SEO, you can establish your reputation, and reach more potential customers. Below are some guidelines you can use. 1. […]


Midcentury Design 101: 5 Lessons for the Modern Times

Basic materials offer more creative flexibility. Today’s most experienced designers learned a lot from midcentury experts. The experts of the past have pioneered the use of several construction materials for houses. At present, windows are created with mill finish aluminum. According to professionals from top architecture firms in Malaysia, aluminum is one of the best […]


5 Helpful Tips for Designing Your Bedroom

Increase ventilation and light. Moving the bedroom at the corner of the house can give you good windows on multiple adjacent walls. This will give you the additional benefit of softer natural light and cross ventilation. Be patient, and take your time. Beautiful designs takes quite some time to develop. It needs to go through […]